Portland Fret Works

Repair, Restoration, and Construction

(503) 249-3737

3027 NE Alberta

Portland, Oregon  97211


& modification

We are a factory authorized warranty repair center for:

  • CF Martin
  • Taylor
  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • Guild
  • Jackson
  • Ovation

- Electronics troubleshooting
- Custom Wiring
- Acoustic Instrument Amplification
- Neck Resets
- Hardware Replacement
- Banjo Head Replacement
- Custom Instrument Design and                Construction

Our staff of 4 experienced luthiers are committed to providing expert service guided by our knowledge of and passion for fretted instruments.  We also take pride in providing excellent customer service.  Stop by or call with your instrument repair question and we'll be happy to help.

Whether the baggage handlers smashed your D-28 or your bandmate knocked your Les Paul off it's stand, we can help.  We are experienced with repairing all manner of structural damage.

Services offered include:
- Restrings
- Acoustic and Electric Guitar Set-Ups
- Fret Leveling
- Refrets
- Crack Repair
- Custom Inlay
- Finish Touchup
- Complete Refinishing

Well loved instruments eventually suffer the effects of time and wear and tear.  We can return your vintage instrument to its former glory with a set-up, refret or neck reset.



Walk-in hours:  Weds-Fri 12-6, Sat 10-2

Other times by appointment.



Warranty Repairs

our Services

Looking for a complex wiring mod, a pickup upgrade,  a hardware retrofit, or custom inlay?  We can help tailor your instrument to your tastes.


& Maintainance

If you just need your uke restrung or a strap button added to your guitar, we're happy to help.